High-Efficiency Furnaces for Sale in Southern Illinois

Do you smell a distinctive gas odor or hear loud clangs and pops coming from your furnace? Chances are you haven’t had it serviced recently, and it may even be time for an upgrade. Modern furnaces are rated for quiet and cost-effective operation so that you can have more reliable comfort and lower monthly energy costs. Inman Heating & Cooling offers a full range of products and services to residential and commercial customers throughout St. Louis, MO, and we’re confident we can help you find the perfect furnace for your property’s needs.

Qualified Installation

A properly installed furnace is far less likely to require major repairs and will yield more effective and efficient operation throughout its service life. When you hire Inman Heating & Cooling to install your new furnace, you can rest easier knowing that our factory-trained technicians are on the job. Each member of our team has extensive knowledge of local code and will ensure that our workmanship meets and exceeds those standards.
properly installed furnace

Fast and Reliable Service

Winter in St. Louis can be unforgiving, especially when your furnace is on the fritz. Whether your unit requires a component repair or an entire replacement, Inman Heating & Cooling has got you covered with fast 24/7 emergency call out service. We’re dedicated to protecting our community from cold weather, so don’t hesitate to call us in your time of need.
Is your furnace burning efficiently?  If not, call us at (618) 281-5355!
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