Radiant Heat/Boilers

Radiant Heat Systems and Boilers in Southern Illinois

Few people regret the decision to invest in a radiant heat system, as it boasts incredible benefits for both residential and commercial applications. At Inman Heating & Cooling, we’re here to help you make the transition with high-quality products and experts at your disposal. We’re proud to serve St. Louis with the sales, installation, maintenance and repair services needed to run a more efficient, comfortable and safe property through the cold months!

Why Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating systems offer numerous advantages over forced-air systems:
  1. Increased energy efficiency – a lot of heat energy is lost transferring hot air through your ductwork. This is a non-issue for radiant heating systems. 
  2. Hypoallergenic – radiant heating systems don’t carry allergens, VOCs or other irritants throughout your house, and are a far better fit for people with health concerns. 
  3. Variable fuel sources – flexibility in how you fire your boiler is always a good thing, as it allows you to adapt to seasonal changes and technological advancements seamlessly and efficiently.
  4. Even heat distribution – while forced-air systems must run ductwork throughout your property in an attempt to distribute heat evenly, radiant floor and wall panels provide a homogeneous heating surface that warm a room from the ground, up. With radiant heat, cold spots are a thing of the past. 
  5. Quiet operation – tired of noisy appliances ruining your peace of mind? Radiators are completely inaudible. 

Comprehensive Boiler Service

Whether you’re in need of a boiler to power your radiator or you’ve already got one, you can count on the experts at Inman Heating & Cooling for a seamless integration. Once everything is installed and configured, you can rely on many long years of reliable service from your radiant heating system. Of course, if something does go wrong with your boiler or radiator, you can call us out 24/7 for a fast, efficient emergency repair.
boiler to power your radiator
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