Water Heaters

High-Efficiency Water Heaters in Southern Illinois

If you’ve ever been forced to take an ice-cold shower before work, you likely already understand the importance of having a reliable water heater. What’s worse, your outdated or malfunctioning unit may also be costing you dearly as you pay your monthly power bill. The solution is at Inman Heating & Cooling, with our comprehensive range of water heaters to fit any application and budget. We hereby invite you to our showroom in St. Louis, and to say goodbye to cold showers forever!

Hot Water Heaters for Sale

Inman Heating & Cooling is St. Louis’s first choice for sales of high-efficiency water heaters. We offer both traditional and tankless models that can be run by gas or electricity. Our expert team will help you assess the needs of your property, so you can ensure that you get the right capacity to serve your needs.
High-efficiency water heaters

Fast Emergency Service

Even the most reliable water heaters require maintenance from time to time to ensure peak performance. However, sometimes a component break or something else goes wrong that necessitates a quick solution. Inman Heating & Cooling has got you covered with fast 24/7 emergency service available. You can rest easier knowing your expert water heater technician is just a phone call away!
Noisy water heater? Call Inman today at  (618) 281-5355!
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